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Fantastic Business Opportunity
The Fantastic Opportunities In Counter-Surveillance

Demand is now booming for individuals trained in Counter-Surveillance techniques. Every newspaper and magazine article and every Internet and TV report discussing some new episode involving electronic eaves­dropping and bugging devices continues to increase the ever growing demand for Electronic Counter-Surveillance sweeps and equipment.

This unique combination of limited supply and great demand has now created a situation where Counter-Surveillance sweep rates exceeding $250 PER HOUR are now considered reasonable and appropriate.

"MODERN OFFICE TECHNOLOGY", one of the most respected business publications reviewing the latest in office technology has reported the following fees as being typical for a medium-size electronic sweep:

Debugging Service Fee
5 Rooms Swept $1,500.00
11 Phones Inspected 1,043.00
3 Speakerphones Inspected 125.00
Written Report 125.00
Total $2,793.00

Using our CS-Pro25 Professional Counter-Surveillance Package, a sweep of this size requires only about 8 hours to complete. So you can see that whether you intend to perform sweeps on a part-time or full-time basis, the potential profit is enormous! And, best of all, no technological knowledge or experience is required!


The huge rise in the numbers of illegal eavesdropping devices in the hands of individuals and firms is probably a reflection of the steady decline of ethics in business and personal relationships. Ethical conduct seems no longer to be admired or desired.

In many instances it is actually looked down upon as hopelessly out of date. And, the unbelievable amount of advertising openly promoting the sale and use of electronic eavesdropping devices easily places the equipment in the hands of any individual so inclined.

This has resulted in Tremendous Demand and Huge Profits for individuals now skilled in the latest bug detection Counter-Surveillance techniques!


With so little police manpower and facilities available to oppose the determined eavesdropper, the odds remain strongly stacked in his favor. In fact, police agencies seem to be far more interested in mastering eavesdropping techniques than in protecting business and the general public against these blatant and insidious invasions of privacy.

All of the above makes for great opportunities and huge profits in this exciting field. We are proud to have assisted many individuals to competently utilize our bug detectors to successfully establish themselves in this very profitable and immensely interesting industry.


Many of our dealers obtain clients for their Counter-Surveillance service through Internet advertisements on relevant websites, something that can be done from your home computer, tablet or smart phone. Some use small classified ads in newspapers and magazines. Others use the telephone to personally contact local attorneys, private investigators, etc., to make them aware of the Counter-Surveillance services our dealers provide.

You'll find that most attorneys, etc, simply don't know where to turn when clients express concern about their communication security. And, they do get regular requests for this type of service. Many, many more, than you would ever imagine.


Individuals and firms requiring electronic sweeps gladly pay most generously for this protection. Leaks of confidential information such as new sales strategies, bid amounts, marketing plans, customers lists, product formulas can easily cost small companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Large companies regularly suffer losses in the millions to industrial espionage. Every headline of the latest data hack is potentially money in your pocket!


With so many marriages now ending in divorce, financial settlements and child custody matters usually bring about extreme bitterness on the part of one or both parties. The amount of eavesdropping now common in many of these cases creates a great demand for electronic protection.


It's really unbelievably easy to get started in this fascinating field. Once you get completely familiar with the operation of the CS-Pro25, you can start out operating directly from your home with just a telephone, some business cards and a few inexpensive advertisements set up from your computer. It's just that simple!


You'll find that in most areas competition is practically non-existent. Once the word gets out that YOU can "debug" telephones and rooms, you'll get as much business as you can handle.

We very emphatically advise against under-cutting competitors. This is quite a unique business where the "cheapest" or budget service does not inspire confidence in prospective customers. In fact, it can have exactly the opposite effect! Very, very few businesses are fortunate enough to be in this enviable position, and for any entrepreneur it's a Bonanza!


There is a completely normal and natural apprehension that accompanies the start-up of any new business enterprise. I guarantee that the McDonald brothers were afraid that their first customers might not really like their hamburgers. Sam Walton was said to have been almost panic stricken when he signed the lease for his first Walmart store.

There is no way to get around it. You WILL be somewhat apprehensive during your first assignment. However, we have specifically designed the CS-Pro25 with the complete novice in mind. The detailed instructions accompanying each unit are written in step by step sequence, similar to the following:

1) Turn A/B switch to A position
2) Turn SENSITIVITY switch OFF

Each procedure is laid out in this extremely easy to follow fashion. You can privately practice the entire sweep procedure using your own home or office phones. And, we've included features on the CS-Pro25 making it easier to operate than it is to change channels on most TV remote controls. You'll find yourself completely comfortable with the CS-Pro25 in a surprisingly short time.

Remember, you initial customers won't be aware that it's your first job. And, they will NEVER know unless YOU tell them! Once you get 2 or 3 jobs under your belt, you'll very quickly develop the confidence and competence that comes from increasing familiarity with the CS-Pro25.


We provide complete technical support to all our dealers and should you encounter an unusual problem, or have any questions about any particular job (even while actually performing the sweep), we have a confidential technical assistance number. Call it anytime, even directly from your client's premises. We will also provide you with a technical support email address which you may utilize as often as you'd like and at any time. If you need assistance "on the spot," simply advise your client that you must leave for a short time. then call us from outside and we'll be happy to privately answer any questions and help you in every way. This procedure will be of great assistance in the operation of our bug detectors and will assure that your clients receive the best possible service.


Not unless you wish to. However, as you can see the very high gross profit per job makes this a very attractive option. If you prefer, you can train an assistant to use the Bug Detectors and pay him $15 or $20 an hour to help you. Or, you can have him actually perform the sweeps himself while you devote your time to lining up clients.

You'll still make a great profit on each sweep and you'll undoubtedly generate a lot more business! One or two good assistants can help you expand your business much faster than you ever thought possible.


When performing Counter-Surveillance Sweeps, there is absolutely no cost to you for materials and supplies. And, no big rent payments to eat into your profits.

As we mentioned above, the typical small office sweep can exceed $2,500. Even the electronic examination of a small 2 room office or home can command fees starting at $600. And, when you gross $600 for a few hours work, it's almost 100% PURE PROFIT!


We manufacture all our equipment. And, a number of firms that presently offer Counter-Surveillance detectors for sale, charge anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 for equipment consisting of circuitry originally contained in some of our earliest Counter-Surveillance equipment. These are designs that we have long ago upgraded and replaced. You'll notice that none of their poor imitations even come close to our extremely Broad Spectrum Frequency Detection Range.

Our extremely low prices naturally causes some skepticism. Potential dealers find it difficult to believe that they truly can make a good living from such a small investment. One of our most successful dealers has jokingly suggested that we triple our prices and make everybody happier.

However, we have been manufacturing counter-surveillance equipment for more than 40 years, and have been on the web at this address for more than 20 years. In that time, we've seen many competitors come and go. We're still here, so it's a pretty safe bet that we must be doing something right. And, we're convinced that reasonable prices for the best equipment on the market is undoubtedly the key.

Electronic eavesdropping has now been with us for many years. But, only recently has it been universally acknowledged and recognized for the terrible threat it is! No longer is anyone safe or secure from this "invasion" of privacy and everyday this becomes more and more apparent to ever increasing numbers of individuals and firms.


It most certainly can! Contrary to the commonly held belief that Big Money is necessary to make Big Money, many of the Most successful businesses ever created were founded with investments of less than $1,000. Apple Computer was! Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream was! And, even Microsoft was started with an initial investment of about $600! And, thousands of other less publicized, but very profitable businesses were started with equally modest initial investments.

Now, we certainly are not promising that you'll make the profits of Microsoft, Apple, or Ben and Jerry's. But, we ARE promising that if you will put forth some honest effort in this business, you WILL make money! And a lot more than even YOU ever thought possible!

This is a fantastic opportunity and there are really huge profits to be made in the Counter-Surveillance industry right now! And, being self-employed even on a Part-Time basis will bring you a great deal of satisfaction. You'll be independent! No longer will your future remain in the hands of some unconcerned or uncaring employer.


Once established, our dealers soon develop an attractive referral based business. This is an exciting, immensely interesting and highly profitable field that can presently be entered with an almost unbelievable small investment. It's a dream come true for any budding entrepreneur wishing to get out on his own without risking his life savings.

Where else can one even hope to immediately get into a very profitable business with enormous growth potential for an investment of less than $1,100?


And, when you DO find your first "bug" and point it out to your client, you'll never again want to be in any other line of work. It's an exhilarating experience, one with very few equals!

This is a unique time for a very unique business. A spectacular "window of opportunity" is open right now! And, as always, the rewards will go exclusively to those astute enough to recognize and act upon the opportunity!

Counter-Surveillance is a truly fascinating business which, given proper equipment, any conscientious beginner can quickly master and develop into an excellent Full or Part-Time Income.