We are an operating division of a Georgia corporation and our Counter Surveillance Equipment is designed by John Meyner. He has been a recognized authority in the Counter-Surveillance field since the 1970s.

The F.B.I. sought his assistance when attempting to identify and analyze the actual bugging devices used in the Watergate break-in which eventually led to President Nixon's resignation.

Mr. Meyner was also repeatedly invited by Mike Wallace to appear on his national TV program "60 Minutes" to discuss bug detectors and the various eavesdropping equipment involved in the break-in.

Our electronic equipment has been purchased and actively utilized by some of the largest companies and government agencies in the US including:

United Nations
LA Police Department
U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory
General Electric
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Justice
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Allied Chemical
Australian Consulate General
Dallas Police Department
Jet Propulsion Laboratories
Continental Airlines
U.S. Department of Defense


When the New York City Transit Authority (the subway system) experienced a rash of armed holdups and a number of clerks were murdered, New York turned to one of Mr. Meyner's companies in New York for assistance.

The equipment that the Transit Authority possessed at the time would not operate properly in the heavily shielded underground subway system. He subsequently designed a Transmitter-Receiver combination which enabled the NYPD to set up surveillance systems at a number of change booths. This resulted in the apprehension of the murderers and returned safety to the passengers and the clerks of the New York Subway System.

In short, Mr. Meyner knows this business as very few others do!

If you have a need for efficient and reliable, yet moderately priced Professional Bug Detection Equipment, you may feel confident that you are doing business with an acknowledged expert in the field.

Over the years, Mr. Meyner and his various companies, have been written up in numerous newspapers and national publications including:

The New York Post and Time Magazine
and a number of best-selling books including:
"The Electronic Invasion", "The Covert Catalog",
and the "Anarchist's Cookbook"


Emails and letters of recommendation attesting to the High Quality of our Counter Surveillance Equipment and to the monetary success experienced by our customers continue to pour in daily. You'll note that the one recurring theme in many of the complimentary letters expresses the sincere gratitude and actual disbelief at the ease with which many had started their own extremely profitable businesses.

Below you will find excerpts of some of the emails and letters that we have received from our customers telling of their experiences with our equipment. And, we hereby certify that these letters were received without any compensation, of any type, paid to the writers.

D.W., San Antonio, Texas
"I am a private investigator and was very skeptical of some of the claims on the [CSD-21], the extremely low price, and the company itself. I checked out the company myself. They passed the test so I bought it and am thoroughly pleased. Usually when something seems to good to be true it usually is. But, the [CSD-21] is far better than I expected.

J.M., Oxnard, California
"I'm glad to have found someone with your impressive credentials willing to provide the best equipment and advice. Thank you very much for your help and for sharing your knowledge with individuals that want to follow in the footsteps of the experts in the field."

N.B., Mammoth Lakes, California
"Thank you for the CSD, my business is off to a good start. Please allow me to compliment you for an outstanding piece of equipment. With it, I have already made more money in a matter of hours than I've ever made in a week. By simply following your instructions and checking for the different telephone "taps", I have started my own business and clients are literally coming to me from everywhere. It's with confidence and pride that I can provide them with a service that has the backing of quality equipment. Thanks again."

M.J., Helena, Montana
"I can't tell you how much I like your CSD. I've compared it to similar types of equipment, but none have the complete capabilities or are priced like it. On a recent job ...(several) different taps were being used ... and using the CSD, I pointed them out to my client."

J.S., Stockton, Kansas
I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with the performance of the CS-Pro25 Package. I tried all three pieces with great success. The Free Camera that you sent gave me real confidence and "feel" for the detector's performance. The SBD-5H is a very sensitive detector. I used it during a test with a C-203B WCAM (web cam which only puts out 10 mw at a frequency of 1GHz) and the SBD-5H easily detected it at over 25 ft. All in all, Great Stuff!

J.R., Dana Point, CA
My compliments to you on the development of your Electronic Countermeasure Equipment. I have been conducting Electronic Sweeps since I was in the Marines in 1973. Things were quite different then. I was trained by a pre-WW2 Spy and I wish he was still around to see what you have developed. The CS-Pro25 that we bought from you is about our fifth generation of countermeasure equipment. It outshines anything we ever had before.

We manufacture all our products including the SBD-5H, MCD-22H, CSD-21 (recently upgraded from the CSD-18) and the complete CS-Pro25 Package.

All are among the best selling Counter-Surveillance Detectors in the U.S. And, all are used by police agencies, private investigators, security firms and individuals in all 50 states.

We've just upgraded our MCD-22H for additional Sensitivity and increased the Frequency Detection Range up to 9 GHz. Our products deliver, by far, the highest effective Detection Frequencies that you'll find anywhere on the Internet.

And, all our products are sold with a
Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

We have been in this industry for longer than just about any other company, and have been at this web address and at the same phone number, 1-800-732-5000, for over 20 years. There must be a good and sound reason why we have been so successful for such a long period of time. And, there certainly is...

It's because our equipment delivers
every single thing we promise!