SUPER SPECIAL DISCOUNT on our Professional Counter-Surveillance Package
Provides Maximum Protection and an Excellent Part-Time or Full-Time Income
CS-Pro25 Counter-Surveillance Package
Frequency Response
Now Upgraded To
The CS-Pro25 detects and locates
ALL major categories of
Surveillance Equipment Including:
Detects Telephone Transmitters All Types of Telephone Transmitters
Detects Spy-Cams Video Cameras (Spy-Cams)
Detects Telephone Recording Devices Telephone Recording Devices
Detects GPS Tracking Devices GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices
Detects Bumper Beepers and Body Wires Bumper Beepers, Body "Wires"
Detects Telephone Transmitters All "INFINITY" Listening Devices
Includes the CSD-21, SBD-5H, and the DET-2
mounted in an attractive High Quality Attache Case.
Also includes Hi-Tech Information Package.
(See Below)
Limited Time Only
$1095 Complete!

Regularly $1395

Whether you require complete confidential privacy in certain rooms, areas and/or telephone conversations,
or you intend to enter the fascinating field of Counter-Surveillance, the CS-Pro25 will prove ideal. This is an exciting, extremely profitable field that you can enter
with a relatively small investment.

Every internet article, newspaper or magazine piece, and TV report discussing some new episode involving bugging devices or covert monitoring continues to increase the ever growing demand for this service. This has created a very attractive opportunity where "sweep" rates exceeding $250 per hour are now considered reasonable and appropriate.

FREE GIFT also included
Full Color Camera
World's Smallest
Full Color
Transmitting Spy Camera
Great for Surveillance and for testing the Sensitivity of our Detectors!

The Counter-Surveillance Business is Booming!

For every Eavesdropping "Bug", "Telephone Tap", "Spy-Cam" and "Tracking Device" that is sold, there are 20 - 30 people out there that are afraid they are being secretly watched and/or listened to.

If you've ever thought about entering one of the most interesting, exciting and extremely lucrative businesses around today, look no further. The Counter Surveillance industry is exploding with opportunity.

It seems that everywhere we turn . . . everywhere we go . . . someone is watching or listening-in on our private conversations.

And with each day that passes, the numbers of "watchers" and "listeners" seems to grow and grow. Today's advances in eavesdropping technology now allow just about anyone to become an eavesdropper. And for many, it seems just too tempting to resist.

Husbands, wives, neighbors, businesses and government . . . 
They are all doing it!

The everyday privacy that we once took for granted is now gone forever. And, everyone resents this ever-growing, ever-expanding "Electronic Invasion" into our personal lives and business affairs.

The universal desire to escape this surreptitious Eavesdropping has now created a fantastic opportunity for individuals and firms that can once again restore this rapidly vanishing privacy.

There is an enormous market that has, until now, been virtually untouched.

Do a quick search on Google or another search engine and try to find someone listed that offers Counter-Surveillance services. You'll see that although the demand is huge, you will find very few firms providing this service.

It's almost too good to be true. Where else could you possibly find a business with such explosively growing demand . . . and almost no one offering to provide the service?

And, with a total start-up cost of only slightly more than $1,000.

The average fee for "debugging" a single telephone is now over $200. And, it only requires about 45 minutes to complete the job.

Electronically searching for Eavesdropping Devices and/or hidden cameras in a small home or business can be done in under 3 hours and can easily commmand fees of $600 to $900 and more, depending upon the number of phones, rooms, etc.

Whether you decide to perform sweeps on a Part-Time or a Full Time basis, it will provide an excellent income .

And, once it gets around that you can provide this service, you'll quickly have more clients than you can handle.

There are very few businesses that can produce this spectacular return on an investment this small. And, it's never possible in a "mature" industry. Only new and technologically innovative products and services can deliver such a return.

If you are seriously considering a business of your own, there is truly no other type of business that comes even close to this:

      1. A very reasonable investment
      2. Optional part-time or full-time participation
      3. An exceptionally interesting field
      4. A truly spectacular income



Fascinating Hi-Tech Information Package
Now Also Included Free with the CS-Pro25

And, to get you off to a great start, we also include a comprehensive Counter-Surveillance Course including confidential information on the following:

Ultra-Sophisticated Audio, Video and GPS Surveillance Equipment, miniature Micro-Wave Devices, new methods for listening through walls, computer-age Personnel and Vehicle Tracking Devices, how Data Banks are accessed to research anyone and anything, Eavesdropping by neighbors, how letters are read without opening them, how Lie Detectors are deceived, and a fact filled section on Eavesdropping Law, etc.

Also included is complete information describing the fantastic opportunities that are now open in the Counter-Surveillance field and exactly how a number of individuals (without prior experience) are reaping a huge bonanza in the booming "debugging" business.

You'll learn how the ever increasing use of Electronic Listening Devices by investigative agencies, government agencies, unscrupulous business competitors, jealous husbands and wives, etc, has created a tremendous demand for this type of service.

Hi-Tech Info Pack

You'll also receive a complete and comprehensive information package JAM-PACKED FULL of some of the most exciting and fascinating reading imaginable. Reads like a James Bond novel with one important exception . . .




We constantly get asked one question,
And that is:

How can we possibly provide
All this top of the line Detection Equipment
for this low, low price?

After all, there are other firms offering products with far lower Frequency Detection Ranges and . . . without a Free Trial Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee . . . and they offer their products for much more money

In fact, right now there is a "competitor's" product that is offered and represented on the Internet as "professional" Counter Surveillance Equipment and currently sells for about $2,400!

Yet, it makes absolutely no mention of one of the most widely used Eavesdropping Devices (the Infinity Tap) . . . and rather unbelievably has a maximum frequency detection range of only 3 GHz!

The product is offered with a great deal of "technically" sounding (but meaningless) terms that are meant to impress the average individual that quite understandably may lack expertise in this field.

In contrast, you'll find that we try to keep our product descriptions as non-technical as possible so that individuals without an electronics background can easily understant them.

And, the answer to HOW we can provide
our Top Quality Equipment at these
truly low prices is quite simple:

We manufacture all our equipment and sell it directly to the end user. There are no middlemen to "tack on" 50% - 200% profit margins. And, we sell more Counter Surveillance Equipment than just about anyone in the entire country.

This unusually large volume allows us to greatly discount our products and still make a fair profit. And we've been doing it for over 40 years.

It may sound a little "corny", but it's the good, old-fashioned way . . . and it still works.

Make a great product . . . produce it in volume . . . sell it at a fair price . . . and knowledgeable, price-conscious customers will greatly appreciate it and do the rest.


Our Detectors
have been purchased by:

LA Police Dept.
Dallas Police Dept.
U.S. Dept. of Defense
United Nations and
many other gov't agencies
and Fortune 500 companies